ABOUT . . . A Year on Facebook

Peter Carlaftes (184 pages, Three Rooms Press, 2010, ISBN 978-0984070039)

Groucho Marx meets Kurt Vonnegut and they become BFFs in this irreverent, hilarious new book.

“A Year On Facebook” is a comical trajectory through the chronological events of the past year via daily updates from the insightful and irreverent pontiff of pun—Peter Carlaftes.

In this day of the tell-all journal, Carlaftes’s book, exposing the foibles of our seemingly civilized sensibility, tells both how — and like — it is. Iconic from conception, “A Year On Facebook” is a one of a kind literary experience that raises the bar for the idealist in us all.

Through the hysterical daily Facebook status updates of the author— who became a viral Jonathan Swift through his irreverent social, political and just plain “out-there” observations — “A Year On Facebook” provides an hilarious book to thumb through at random or read page-by-ROTFL-page. It’s packed with side-splitting illustrations, and “interactive” pages that provide a multimedia experience for the reader in combination with the book’s namesake website.

The thousands of comments that have flooded Carlaftes’ online mailbox—many of which are included in this book—prove again and again: “A Year On Facebook” will leave readers howling with laughter. As one commentator summed up, “I wonder if you know, Peter, how many times you make me laugh out loud with your status updates. Guess it doesn’t matter. Just keep me laughing, please. :)”

ABOUT . . . Peter Carlaftes

Peter Carlaftes is a poet, playwright, actor, director and comedy specialist.

His comic credentials stretch back to before birth, but came to fruition during a five-year stint at Rodney Dangerfield’s namesake NYC nightclub in the 80s. A credit to any comedy writer, much of his work has been stolen, and regifted to the world, just like that fruitcake you passed on to your boss. His award winning short film, “The Cut-Off Point,” is available for viewing here.

In addition, fourteen of his original plays have been staged, to critical acclaim in San Francisco and New York. He served as Creative Director of The Marilyn Monroe Memorial Theater in San Francisco for 10 years where he wrote and directed nine plays including a noir treatment of Knut Hamsun’s classic work Hunger, and also starred in a one-man rendition of Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming. He has appeared in numerous Off-Broadway productions, including his performance piece, Lenny Bruce: Dead & Well, and his original short play Sarah's Choice, at Theater for the New City.

ABOUT . . . Three Rooms Press

Since 1993, Three Rooms Press has been a leading voice in the independent poetry, music and dramatic fields, producing more than 400 events in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Europe. In addition to producing events, Three Rooms Press serves as an important publisher of poetry and drama, and has produced nearly 30 books to date by poets and playwrights. Three Rooms Press has also recently expanded its mission to include video production (as seen here) and a yearly print magazine of contemporary Dada poetry, Maintenant. More info on threeroomspress.com

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