A Year On Facebook


I’m definitely coming back, if only to read this book.

— Jeezus H. Chryst


A Year On Facebook

Peter Carlaftes (184 pages, Three Rooms Press, 2010,
ISBN 978-0984070039)

“A Year On Facebook” by Peter Carlaftes is a comical trajectory through the chronological events of the past year ia daily updates from the insightful and irreverent pontiff of puns.

In this day of the tell-all journal, Carlaftes's book, exposing the foibles of our seemingly civilized sensibility, tells both how — and like — it is. Iconic from conception, “A Year On Facebook” is a one of a kind literary experience that raises the bar for the idealist in us all.

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I’ll let you eat cake just as long as you read this book.

—Marie Ain’toinette


I’m happy they gave me 150 years so I can read this book over and over again.

—Earnee Made-off

Author: Peter Carlaftes

Hometown: New York, NY

Activities: Irreverency

Relationship Status: Restraining Order (pending)

Political Views: Everyone tries to get what they want

Religious Views: Everyone dies trying

About Me: Pronoun . . . Possessive form of I

(Delusional Idealist)



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